Christmas Post #2: What If…..??


Here we go again: The Demonization of an Executive Producer

So the big news thus far this week in Sci-Fi is that Steven Moffat deleted his twitter account. Most the coverage I have read so far point to the reason being crazed fans were driving him nuts, or as more colorfully put, him being attacked by the whovian social militia! However you put it it’s pretty clear that someone was upsetting him since one of his last tweets was:

“Forgive my ignorance – is there a way to limit who can follow you and tweet you?”

I don’t doubt it one bit that he was bullied on twitter by those whovians or should I say “ruintheshowvians” – you know who I mean, that same group that latches on to the predecessor as if he/she were Moses and refuses to accept change in ranks and the new ideas that change brings, be it casting, story-line, or even marketing.

This isn’t the first time that the “ruintheshowvians” have wielded their sword of onewayism against the evil that (in their pov) is the downfall of the program’s future, aka The New Executive Producer (not to be confused with the Former Executive Producer aka…… Mr Perfect).

Case in point, John Nathan-Turner who was also constantly second guessed on his casting choices, story-lines, etc. There are in fact quite a lot of similarities between what’s happening now to Steven Moffat and what occurred back in 1980s to John Nathan-Turner. It’s like a pattern with fans. After the end of Phillip Hinchcliffe’s successful run as executive producer (During the Tom Baker era) those darn “ruintheshowvians” complained about every change that Graham Williams and/or John Nathan-Turner made. JN-T as he was called was actually instrumental in the promoting the show in the states which added to the large growth in the show’s fan base in the US via the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Not to mention he hired my favourite doctor. Sylvester McCoy.

So now we have the Russel T Davies fans (Just like the Hinchcliffe fans from decades before) complaining and questioning every choice Steven Moffatt makes.

I may be stating a point of view in this paragraph that people may not like reading BUT it always astounds me how fans who just started watching the show in 2005 can be so opinionated. In fact the negativity on the flip side of calling oneself a “fan” is a bit ironic. Being a Whovian isn’t a license to back seat writing. I don’t blame Steven for leaving twitter at all. Here he is writing a show he’s loved all his life for fans who complain, compare and confront him @ every turn.


Isn’t Doctor Who about a hero who changes often but keeps the same goal (helping those in need)? Couldn’t that be applied to each and every executive producer, they come in new with ideas, make changes (i.e. shake things up) while also caring a great deal for this iconic television program.

In conclusion, Letts, Hinchcliffe, Graham, JN-T, RTD and Moffat all have contributed something toward the making of the events that shaped almost 50 years of history. My advice, stop bitching and be happy for the shows success. I personally wouldn’t change a thing.

 !!! Support not Demonize !!!

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