Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy x 9

1. My doggie Basil

2. Sissy @ Halloween last year

3. My little stalker, Autolycus (Tolly)

4. Evan in Nawlins holding a baby gator 🙂

5. Part of my brother’s landscaping which reminds me just how alike we really are.

6. What you get when you mix the ET Med-lab Playset with a Silence and the Doctor in a straight jacket! (Part of my collection)

7. A couple of my favourite elephants, We spent 2 months in an insurance paid hotel after hurricane Gustav destroyed our house and I made sure my 2 friends here stayed with me rather than in storage.

8. My favourite restaurant in the world. I can only eat there when I visit my hometown of Houston, Tx.

9. I probably should have used this photo for last weeks challenge because this is my truck, it’s in pristine condition and it’s all paid off now so it’s all MINE!

These are some of the things that make me happy.

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