Daily Prompt: Mix-Tape 12-11-12

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails. 

Odd that the day I came back online having decided my new post would be about the songs I feel

deepest in my soul that the daily mixtape2prompt would be as such.   GMTA? Perhaps..

So what I will do is combine the two ideas and put all the songs that at some point really
touched me and you can be sure if it’s on the playlist, I’ve felt it, (some songs deeper than
was comfortable)   So without further adieu:
**actually there was much further adieu since this is now 2 days late due to connectivity issues.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green.


Daily Prompt: 11/5/2012

Let’s begin by establishing a few facts:

1) most people want to do what’s right.
2) most people need or want something to believe in.
3) just about everyone loves a hero.

If you’re reading this you probably already know the assignment is to justify the existence of your favourite person, place or thing.

My favourite thing/persona is Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a television show made in the UK by the British Broadcasting Association aka the BBC. It’s science fiction and it’s been on since 1963. I think the reason why this programme has endured (as well as been endeared in the hearts of adults and children) for so long is because whether it’s 1963 or 2012 people want something to believe in, people love a hero, and people want to see the right thing being done.

The Doctor is just one man, he is alone, the last of his race (alien). Although his people vowed not to interfere with other cultures, he just can’t help himself from running to the rescue of people who need help and his favourite planet is, of course, Earth. I’ve watched doctor Who for 25 years that’s about half of his 11 incarnations (he’s a Timelord, they don’t die they regenerate into a new body).

No matter how many actors play the role of the Doctor I don’t get bothered by the change. You see, I love the show because it’s about achieving the greater good, doing the right thing, and really isn’t that all anyone of us aspires to do?

You can view clips on the show on YouTube. I highly recommend it!

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