By The Numbers

I am human #3,123,966,603 and when I was born I was the 76,853,931,153rd person to have lived since history began. My mum said I was special because I was born on December 31st. I’m not completely sure what her logic was. So I was born the last day of the calendar year? I always thought it meant that I had to wait the longest of anyone I knew to have my birthday, to get my cake, ice cream and presents. Growing up it didn’t take long to realise that there is always a party on my birthday!! Of course, it never was my party….

“Remind me how I was special again?”, I would ask her.

“Because God saved the best for last!”, she would smile and tell me.

To be continued…

GTFO 2012!!

I don’t ‘usually’ share feelings especially whiny personal sob story type blog posts. But wait, if I’m being honest I should tell you that I never had a proper blog until I created these two here on WordPress  Why? Well, unless it’s the occasional poem, I don’t open up much and definitely even less so in the past year.

See, in 2012 two major things occurred:

First of all, I lost my job of 7 years which actually is the longest I ever held a job (not because I am irresponsible but because I’ve been one of those IT folks that “Job Hop” for better pay or location. When I graduated I worked in Texas then moved to Maryland then next to Pennsylvania and then next to Louisiana all in the span of 4 years. The job I had was working for a CLEC provisioning phone lines under AT&T using the LEC‘s own software system/servers. It was a (nearly) perfect job. Monday-Friday 8-5 pm, no weekends, decent pay, hour lunches if I chose to, my own space with no one looking over my shoulder constantly and people telling me practically daily how great I was. (Really I was only great in their eyes because they’re Tier zero to my like Tier 1.5 *weak grin*…  Anyway, the company suddenly became unable to place new orders because the LEC pulled all their ‘CLEC discounts’, so the profit margin bottomed out. Then the company decided to begin the process of closing down. I was the first laid off because there wasn’t orders to be placed, all the computers were new ones I had already set up, yadda yadda. So my main outlet for socialization, ego boosting, etc was gone.

Secondly, in the span of 1 month later I broke off a 7 year relationship that should have been ended at year 2. So being a geeky introvert in the first place, I became what I am now, a geeky hermit. I attempted to break out of my hermit shell and spend some time with a Doctor Who group who were having a marathon of episodes, well after an 1 hour drive into New Orleans it all just went horribly wrong. I was too shy/repressed/socially-awkward to speak beyond a hello and the members weren’t especially welcoming either, (what club doesn’t greet new people???) therefore between that and an altercation with Dominos pizza delivery,  I had a major emo meltdown. Now since this was all the holiday weekend of my birthday (12.31) all seemed VERY lost and turning a year older just magnified my inner turmoil. All the drama and emo crap was way out of character for me, especially the me of the past year. But it got better and I soldiered on.

2012 was the worst year I’ve had since 1974. So this is me closing 2012 and attempting to put it behind me. So in honour of kicking 2012 out the door I made this graphic and put it as the cover image on my Facebook page! Enjoy! 🙂

Get the F@ck Outta Here 2012!!!


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