Speaking of Hurricanes.

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Hurricane Isaac’s Penis Size?

One thing that always irritates me are all those people who compare experiences as if they were comparing penis sizes. In the gulf states (like where I live in Louisiana) this is a typical occurrence after a hurricane.

That’s right! A couple of days ago marked the 7 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. The cable was out so I was offline a few days while Hurricane Isaac pounded some of our smaller cities in the state I live in. You see, the smaller towns still have the old levees so they really took a beating. A lot of us in my town never lost our electricity more than 1 hour and consider ourselves fortunate.

I have to say I was disappointed when I came back online today to find people posting the same old crap. One¬†acquaintance¬†on my Facebook was going on about “how dare you compare Isaac to Katrina”. etc. Her post even included an rude reference to Jesus which I found personally offensive. I often wonder why people can’t just stay with the facts rather than including the type of expletives that serve only to shut the reader down like that one did me. i.e. anything written after that was just¬†whiny¬†BS and I was over her tirade whether partially valid or not.

I also wasn’t impressed how nj.com (apparently some news source in bum f#ck NJ) posted a slideshow of pictures of people playing, swimming, jogging during the hurricane like it was all some big party.

So get this people. Hurricanes are DANGEROUS! They aren’t fun risks/challenges to be taken on or penis sizes to be compared. People who die in a Category 1 are just as DEAD as someone who died in a Category 4 hurricane. In the time it took someone to joke about it or make a nonsense post online they could have been calling and checking on friends and neighbors.

Here is what a hurricane can do.

These first 3 pictures are from Hurricane Isaac which was classified a category 1 hurricane pretty much from the get-go. If you notice the water. There is no less a chance of drowning in a category 1 hurricane than in a category 4.

Actually now that I think of it a person can drown in a tub of water, can’t they? Or have an auto accident on a sunny day?

My point is that it is ridiculous to waste time comparing hurricanes or for that matter any kind of tragedy!

The last 2 pictures were from hurricane Gustav who landed inland La as a category 2 I believe. These are pictures of the house I lived in at the time. I sure wasn’t running my mouth about how horrible it was compared to Katrina. It was horrible, and tough and I lost a lot but it wasn’t a competition. It was life. Thank God no one was injured except maybe my Star Trek collection boxed up in the attic. :/


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