Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

It was odd how lost I was in this assignment. So much is done in the name of Love yet it’s no where in the vicinity of Love.

So I took photos of tweets from one much younger and less jaded than I…..

Evan Rachel Wood

Love-per erw

Love-per erw2

That just about sums it up.

Love is Love is God is gender-less is blind is faithful is kind, and on and on… Basically love=good

That, Evan! What a great kid! Her momma must be proud! 🙂

Something Cool.

I love the website called DeviantArt  especially when they have challenges like we over here have our Weekly Photo Challenges. I love photography and Photo Manipulation as well. Recently DA gave people an opportunity to make something called a ‘influence map’. I chose to do a Media Influence Map. (rather than say a life influence where I would most likely list religious figures, family members, etc..)

So without further adieu, here is mine.

A Map of Media (TV, Movies, Celebrities( that have influenced me.

Jodie Foster chastises the media, defending Kristen Stewart and celebrity privacy.

Jodie Foster Blasts Kristen Stewart–Robert Pattinson Break-Up Spectacle.

Now that you have (hopefully) read the above linked article and maybe some of the comments, here is my two cents. First notice how my headline greatly differs from The Daily Beasts. This is me departing from the theatrics often seen in the headlines of yellow journalism.

This may be my most unpopular point of view but I don’t think that Jodie is defending Kristen’s recent infidelity. Think about it, how could she? I think what she is trying to express is how hard it is to be a celebrity and live a normal life. I have read so many comments on so many forums and social networks focusing on the idea that Kristen deserves to suffer for hurting Robert and we have a right to demand info about it since she’s a “public figure” (which even if so, isn’t anyone’s business/judgement call).

I’ve noticed that there seems to be an idea about celebrities in general not deserving privacy because they chose their careers i.e. chose to be in the spotlight.  So does that mean that cops deserve to be shot? Don’t they choose their own careers also i.e. put themselves in the line of fire? Are we so disassociated with our own consciences (which is defined as the personification of the moral sense of right and wrong) that we feel a choice to wear a gun or badge, or a desire to entertain for a living justifies a loss of life, safety, and privacy?

I have been thinking about this subject for a few weeks now. Most people know that I’ve recently become a huge admirer of Evan Rachel Wood and never miss a tweet of her’s so in being so diligent in reading what she has to share I have had what some call a “consciousness raising” about how celebrities are often robbed of what we non famous folks take for granted like a bike ride with our loved ones without being chased by people snapping dozens of pics (meaning someone would have to be running or driving along side, or in front of them) of what would for us be a normal relaxing bike ride could be a dangerous distraction for celeb or photographer.

When is this type of  intrusion enough?







On to another of my favourite celebs.

How do those of you who enjoyed watching TV shows like “Everwood” and “Brothers & Sisters” or even the current hit TV show “Revenge” think the Emily VanCamp must feel about not even being able to take out her trash without someone snapping off a dozen pics of it? Me? It sickens me that we can’t give a little thing like privacy to those who have given us so much joy with their performances. I know I would see it as a huge invasion of privacy if someone came up in my yard and started snapping pictures of me feeding my dogs or taking out the trash in my cut off jeans and morning bed head.

It should be a no brainer to at the very least respect celebrity privacy while they are at home or on what is obviously their day off to be with their loved ones.

In  closing, let me say that I am rarely more in awe of Evan Rachel Wood then when she is standing up and speaking out for her beliefs.

Evan telling of the Paparazzi

I think that says it all!


Evan seems more funny when I have insomnia!

I just really love this kid!! Watch her on Jimmy Kimmel. She is so wonderously goofy!!!

Speaking of Jim Henson…..

I really love Evan Rachel Wood! I love her voice when she speaks as much as when she sings and boyo can she sing!! As with her ability to be an excellent character actor she’s not locked into a certain singing style/genre either. I heard her sing as a child so soft and sweet, and in recent years belt out a Janis Joplin tune to almost rival The Great Pearl herself. It’s kind of silly but I have a whole playlist in my head that Evan would sound awesome singing. My special favorite one on that playlist is the song called “I’ve been loving you too long” by Otis Redding  Yeah, I think that’s definitely an item for the old ‘bucket list’ for me to hear her sing that song!

Now, if you’ve never heard Evan sing, take a moment and listen to this – it’s my favourite song I’ve heard her do thus far. You will be glad you did!


See there! I knew you would like it! If it wasn’t painfully obvious before, I must admit that I have an odd crush on Ms Wood, and no, not like sexual, it’s just that, well, she makes me proud and very hopeful that more of our future youth will be as open-minded, outspoken and honest about their views, who they are and where their place is in this world we live in, as she is. Oh and did I mention she can act like awesome x infinity?! It’s all there you can see the 100% she gives in all she does right there on her face, the expressions, so honest, real – like she’s not acting at all..

So what does ANY of this have to do with Jim Henson, you ask?? Well, Evan loves the late great Mr Henson (especially Labyrinth) and since this just seems to be the week for LGBTQ supporters to appreciate the legacy of Jim Henson and his wonderful company why not combine two very awesome and LGBTQ supporters in one blog entry.

Once Upon A Time a brave man lead a pilgrimage to a new land, so why not do it again, it only takes a dash of love and a pinch of courage. EOT.

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