About Me

I am a Queer + Poet + Geek + Anglophile + Dreamer

I was born this way and I support the NOH8 Campaign, The “It gets better” initiative, PFLAG, GLADD, and more. I love Ellen DeGeneres, Evan Rachel Wood, LORDE and P!nk and think they are all a huge inspirations to both young and old GLBTQ folks as well as our youth today in general. Let’s support them by watching their movies/series/shows and listening to their music!

I identify as Queer although technically I have ever only been in Lesbian relationships.

I have a passion for:

  • Gay Rights
  • UK Women
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Telly (US and UK)
  • Doctor Who
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Dark Moody or Alt music i.e. Lorde, Patti Smith, Evanescence
  • Comics (Bat Women, Richie Rich, etc)
  • My dog Basil Eoin and my cat Autolycus Romeo

Oh yeah! Did I mention Evan Rachel Wood? 😉

I think:

There should be a law against driving with your phone held up to your ear, texting (there is now) or while putting on make-up. Eating a bagel is OK if you have Mastered doing it like I have 😉

Doing as I do would be way too confusing so just do as I say…

Senior Citizens are a blessing from God, we should listen to what they have to say.

Mexican food should be a food group within itself.

I tire of people who think r and u are words rather than letters unless used in twitter where one is limited to 140 characters.

I think parents who support their children’s prejudices should be jailed along with them when they break laws by acting on them.

I think a woman has a right to make choices for her own body as long as it’s EMPTY.

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  1. You are awesome and hilarious! Looking forward to more…


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