Thanksgiving 2016

So today is Thanksgiving. First one in 12 years I’ve spent alone. Just me, my new car note and a Jeep full of boxes. I should be scared and miserable but see it’s also the time of year when I’m more reflective on the year behind me and dreaming for a better year to come. And actually I’m feeling a little hopeful and excited for the changes upon me.  I did kind of think 2016 would be fantastic because, not a lot of people know this, but 16 is my lucky number. Of course if this year showed me anything, it’s that I might need a new lucky number.   😀    No seriously, one thing I actually was reminded of in 2016 is that strength is not something anyone can give you, support sure, but strength really does come from within. People can advise you for years when to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH but you have to pull out the words from within even though you know it’s going to totally change your future life.

For me, watching other people be strong this year has made me feel braver, helped me find my courage,  my strength, maybe even made me more confident. There’s a horde of strong ass folks here in Louisiana and they’re truly inspiring!! I honestly owe the most gratitude to my job, my co workers and especially my 2 bosses who both lost their homes in the flood. Together, without even knowing they have showed me how grace under pressure looks (something I lack usually) and are a super-team mixture of compassion, knowledge, enthusiasm and strength. I admire those qualities and they make me grateful for my job all the more while I go through my current hard times. So today,  I’m thankful for my Turkey cold-cuts, my leftover potato salad & sweet potato pecan pie some of my coworkers made, my 4 days off in a row (even if I won’t leave my room to avoid more house-mate drama) and mostly (last but never least) God who makes all things better.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 from this long winded old dyke to everyone!

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