So yesterday I finally    turned 54 its funny though because I spent the first part of 2015 thinking I was already 54. Jennifer laughs at me about it, but that’s okay, it is kind of funny…

It was different having to work on my birthday. That’s something I’m not used to doing. Definitely not the easy/slow day at work I was expecting.. It wasn’t so much busy as it was filled with people who we’re rushing to get that eye exam or prophy done before January 1st. It seems a lot of people cancel/change their policies effective 1/1 which makes for more calls and more anxious callers.

Finally lunch came and I was very happy about that. I made a couple of burritos and I ate them in my truck with the window rolled down and it was nice. The cold is nice, no it’s refreshing. I spend more than half the year waiting for it that smell of a fireplace burning and that cold fresh air that jumps down your throat when you breathe in like it was saying let me in, breathe me in, I’ll make you feel better! So it was a nice hour, it was a nice birthday lunch, good weather and that thing I love so much, being alone. I enjoy my own company, always have.

When I came back inside one of the crazy girls I work with had decorated my desk. They seem to do that a lot in this company.


Later in the day they gave me a card with a whole lot of people wishing me happy birthday. I had to admit that was one of the highlights of the entire day I like seeing all the people who signed it and what they said I don’t know, it was just cool, it made me feel good! Everyone was in good cheer because  the owners of the company decided to close at 5 p.m. rather than 7 p.m. [of course I get off daily at 4:30 p.m.] lol


After work I met Jennifer and we went to get something to eat. I was pretty proud of myself because the past 3 or 4 years I haven’t got out on my birthday. I just stayed home enjoy my own company but I have to admit to being a little lonely, I guess. This year I called up Jennifer and I said let’s just go get something to eat I don’t want to be alone on my birthday I think she was a little shocked because I’m not very sociable I guess everybody who knows me  even a little, knows that. We went to eat at Golden Corral because they really have great steaks there and you can eat all you want and what I wanted was steaks with those huge steamed button mushrooms so we found a little table for two in the corner. I don’t know it – it made me feel secure, kind of set apart from the multitude of people that were there with their screaming kids, who inevitably were carrying their food around with the sole objective of bumping into me.. I was good though, I was tucked in that corner and I open my gifts there just me and Jennifer. My brother has sent me a card and Jennifer brought it along when we met so I’m sitting at the table listening to cats and dogs serenade me happy birthday it was it loud, and it was funny and I laughed and smiled and it felt good. And Jennifer gave me three wrapped presents, two really cool t-shirts and a stuffed elephant. [because I’m real sucker for an elephant.]


So by the time we finished eating and I know we had to be there for a couple of hours just chatting I decided that I was ready to go home no movies no parties, just me and Jennifer sitting on her bed in her room watching Dark Matter and having the dogs attack us and try to lick our faces.. That’s just really what I wanted to do.  and I really appreciate, thanks. I’m greatly blessed to have so many people who care!!

So thanks for all the birthday wishes…

“Good times”, as Dalton is known to say.


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