Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Speaking of something else entirely.  I had a cat named David. He and I were very close. I swear he could read my mind sometimes. He was like my own child. my boy for 17 years. I still joke about how he was my longest ever relationship which usually draws looks from those who don’t know me and laughs from those that do. 

We started out living in Houston, TX (since at that time I believed I would never leave my hometown) then we moved to Laurel, Maryland because I’d got an IT job in Bethesda. The oddest thing about Maryland was what they chose to name their hardware store. Not something easy like Home Depot, or Lowes, but Heckinger’s. I had a girlfriend and we did a lot of gardening and landscaping our yard so we went there often.. The trips to Heckinger’s were some of the silliest outings me and my girlfriend went on because just about every time we would go there we would see these tiny mice running all around the place which was OK because it gave us a  story to tell David when we got home. So it became a ‘family’ joke where we would tell David after we’d come back home from errands:                                mousey ice cream

“Oh no, David!! We forgot to pick you up some Mousey Ice Cream at Heckinger’s!!”


So David lived from 1984 – 2001 and he was happy and well-loved. I like to think he’s in Cat Heaven serving up triple dip mousey ice cream to all his mates. “)



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