Going Out With A Bang

Words can’t express the year I’ve had and I’m not sure I could make anyone understand even if I attempted. This weekend was a perfect (note sarcasm) end to it. I’m not sure about anything any more except that I just want this day over.



Christmas Post #5: Mr Bean’s Nativity Adventure

Christmas Post #4: My Not-So-Traditional Christmas Songs Playlist

I wanted to share my Christmas music playlist. These are some of my very favourite songs of the season.

Give it a listen, these are some pretty fantastic songs!! (Just in video form since they’re stored on YouTube)

EOTW Tweets

eotw tweet 1


eotw tweet 2


eotw tweet 3


eotw tweet 4


eotw tweet 5


eotw tweet 7


eotw tweet 10


eotw tweet 9


eotw tweet 8


and finally


eotw tweet 6


And as a courtesy here’s the next couple days forecast:


Christmas Post #3: (W)homade Christmas Card and Wrapping Paper

For any red-blooded Whovian-enthusiast.



Best use = small gift like diamond rings or mini TARDIS figures.. lol


T’was a wee bit sleep depraved whilst creating this one…

tardis lights

Well, I’ve done it now!!

Please forgive me my blogging friends!!

I’ve deffo stitched you all up for certain. It’s all my doing!  I confess. I finally did 5 minutes on the stationary bike tonight and we all know what that means….

Tomorrow must certainly be the EOTW.


Christmas Post #2: What If…..??


Christmas Post #1: Queen of Wales?

Daily Prompt: Mix-Tape 12-11-12

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails. 

Odd that the day I came back online having decided my new post would be about the songs I feel

deepest in my soul that the daily mixtape2prompt would be as such.   GMTA? Perhaps..

So what I will do is combine the two ideas and put all the songs that at some point really
touched me and you can be sure if it’s on the playlist, I’ve felt it, (some songs deeper than
was comfortable)   So without further adieu:
**actually there was much further adieu since this is now 2 days late due to connectivity issues.
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