Daily Prompt: Invent a holiday!

Assignment: Invent a holiday!  Explain how and why everyone should celebrate.


If I were to invent a new holiday it would be called “shoe day”.  Every year on shoe day people all over the world would celebrate the diversity of this big blue marble we all live upon. It would be a holiday when all of humanity would open their minds to how others feel, what others might be going through, and especially how it would feel to “walk in someone else’s shoes”.

This holiday would be a good exercise in compassion & empathy. Employers/Companies would be encouraged to give their employees the day off to rest and contemplate the world around them.

It’s a big world and life can be all too fast paced. Think about it. When is the last time you stopped and took the time to think about how someone who was born with a birth defect, has a speech impediment, someone whose lost their job because their company closed down, a child who was suddenly orphaned, a person who is denied being able to say goodbye to their dying loved one might feel? Maybe to have a day of solemn contemplation would help people to be less judgemental.

Shoe Day – A Day of Worldwide Empathy and Contemplation.”

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