Ever watch Hollyoaks?

No? Heh, neither did I until I heard about “Jen and Tilly” or as some fans call them “Jelly”.  So what is it? It’s a UK Soap Opera. Yeah right, so sue me! I like Soap Operas! Maybe because I’m a Baby Boomer and grew up watching them. Since mine were cancelled (GL and ATWT) I never thought I’d watch any again. Then came these two girls!

I really love me some “Jelly” –  I don’t know, they make me smile way to wide like an idiot, probably because I remember the witty banter, quick kisses and running on the beach trying to catch my own girl-friends from the past. Over all, UK Soaps are pretty good and less buttoned up as they say in the UK… Of course, Doesn’t hurt me any to watch all those Brit Females either! ♥


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  1. Didn’t Elvis have a song about them? “Jen-Tilly Lace” I think it was…. 😐

    What is it about English gals? It’s the accent, right? English but different to the ear. Hits me right in the back part of the brain every time. (Although, to be honest, I’ve decided it’s the Latinas that drive me wild. A lady with passion is always in fashion!


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